2023 Mid Season Report

by Rich Auger

We are midway through the 2023 growing season.  The grape crop is looking good, and we’re estimating an average or above average yield (8 to 9 tons).  Because of heavy rains earlier in the year, the vineyard had a late start with bud break two to three weeks later than usual.  With our relatively mild summer weather – at least compared to most of the country – we are still behind an average year timewise.  Veraison (when the grapes change color) is still a couple of weeks away.  This moves harvest out to the very end of September or maybe even into October.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact later harvesting sometimes results in more intense flavors and complexity in the fruit, but it does increase the chances of an early rain that can cause problems for unpicked grapes.

While the picture is mostly positive for the grapes, the peaches are another story, albeit a short one.  Heavy rains and wind coincided with most stone fruit blossoming and wiped out the crop.  There are only a few ripening peaches on our trees and these survivors are limited in flavor and sugars.  So we have no peaches to sell this year and not even anything to enjoy ourselves.

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