Peach Update

We picked our Red Haven peaches on Saturday.  As is usual for this variety, the yield was low … but, wow, were those gorgeous peaches – large, sweet, and juicy!  The fruit was in perfect condition and consistently ripe which allowed us to pick the entire row at once (usually two or more pickings, each a few days apart are necessary to assure uniform ripeness).   We had a backlog of restaurant orders, so we were able to not only pick, but also deliver, on Saturday.


Our peaches are being attacked big time by marauding raccoons this year.   We probably lost 20% of our Spring Flame and Paul Friday June harvest to these guys, and they reappeared just as the Red Havens were nearing ripeness.  Not wanting to lose what little fruit we had of the Red Havens, we hurriedly educated ourselves on electric fences and installed one around the Red Havens.  This, along with beefed up bird netting, seems to have held them at bay for this round.  We will be installing the fence and netting on the Elegant Lady trees today and tomorrow.

Next Harvest

Next up is Elegant Lady, one of our favorite peaches along with the Red Havens.  We have a large beautiful crop this year, and we estimate that we will begin picking around July 29.

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