Peach Finale

Today we finished picking the last of our 2018 peaches — about 100 pounds of Fair Time and Tra-Zee.  What a year this has been for peaches!   We harvested and sold almost one ton of fruit with the most consistent and best quality we have ever had.

Albariño Grapes

In response to a cool August and September our winegrapes are taking their time in ripening, but the crop looks wonderful.  Brix has just moved above 20, and we anticipate picking in the last week of September or even the first week of October.  In the next few days we will make a decision on whether or not to net to prevent bird damage.  Normally we do, but pressure from birds has been light this year.  Netting is quite labor intensive and cumbersome – we must hang almost 4 miles of netting for our small vineyard – and life will be far easier if we can avoid it.

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