Crop Update

Our first peach varieties of the season, Spring Flame and Paul Friday, are very close to ripeness and we expect to be picking this coming week.  Give Mary a call if you need some.

The Albariño winegrapes are looking great this year.  We are through bloom and fruit set, and we have many small grape clusters hanging on the vines.   Our small new block of vines (150 vines adjacent to the peach orchard) is doing well.  Most plants have grown above the grow cartons (look like milk cartons) and seem quite vigorous and healthy.

Grass and Weeds

We’re finally over the hump with grass and weed control, one of our major annual milestones.  This represents an enormous springtime effort for ourselves and our helpers.   Unlike most grape growers, we do not band spray herbicides such as RoundUp™ along our vine rows where tractor mowing doesn’t reach.  Instead, we weed eat and  this entails a lot of time when you consider that we have 2200 vines representing 2 miles of row length.  Weed eating and flail-mowing with the tractor is done at least three times in any given year.

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