Summer 2020 Wrap Up

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Well, what can we say about the 2020 harvest season other than we’re glad that it is over?  We picked the last round of peaches at the start of September and the Albarino on September 16. Thanks to good weather during blossom, we had an excellent crop of peaches this year.  We were kept busy

An Excellent Growing Season

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Here in west Sonoma County we are experiencing a near-perfect summer growing season – warm days, typically in the mid-80s, and cool nights.  All growing things seem particularly vigorous and healthy this season.  This puts an additional workload on us and the vineyard crew in terms of training canes, controlling weeds and cutting grasses.  The

Storms and Heavy Rains

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With the storms and heavy rains we experienced throughout February and March, everything is late this year.  Bud break for the grapes has just started – normally it is early to mid-March.  The peach trees are still in bloom and just now starting to turn green with their new leaves.  Grass – sometimes three feet

Albariño Harvest

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Finally!  After waiting for what seemed like forever, we harvested the grape crop last night.  Our excellent crew from Marcucci Farms was here at 8:00pm and worked all night until about 6:00 am, using headlamps for light.  As has become a tradition, I prepared hamburgers for the crew after the last vine was stripped, and

Peach Finale

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Today we finished picking the last of our 2018 peaches -- about 100 pounds of Fair Time and Tra-Zee.  What a year this has been for peaches!   We harvested and sold almost one ton of fruit with the most consistent and best quality we have ever had. Albariño Grapes In response to a cool August

Peach Update

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We picked our Red Haven peaches on Saturday.  As is usual for this variety, the yield was low … but, wow, were those gorgeous peaches – large, sweet, and juicy!  The fruit was in perfect condition and consistently ripe which allowed us to pick the entire row at once (usually two or more pickings, each

Crop Update

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Our first peach varieties of the season, Spring Flame and Paul Friday, are very close to ripeness and we expect to be picking this coming week.  Give Mary a call if you need some. The Albariño winegrapes are looking great this year.  We are through bloom and fruit set, and we have many small grape

2017 Season is Underway

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In the Orchard

There was a lot of activity on the farm this week as the 2017 season really got underway.  Both the vineyard and the peach orchard were pruned by the vineyard crew with some guidance from our orchard consultant, Wendy Krupnick.  Rich continued working on his irrigation project in the vineyard which involves adding 2000 half