An Excellent Growing Season

Here in west Sonoma County we are experiencing a near-perfect summer growing season – warm days, typically in the mid-80s, and cool nights.  All growing things seem particularly vigorous and healthy this season.  This puts an additional workload on us and the vineyard crew in terms of training canes, controlling weeds and cutting grasses.  The tractor with the flail on back and the weed eater are getting a lot of use, but it is all worth it.

We completed the first peach picking of the season last week, consisting of Spring Flame and Paul Friday.  The crop was small, but the fruit was beautiful and we sold everything to our restaurant customers in just a few days.  Next up is Red Haven, maybe as early as the end of this week.  I will be netting trees and adding a portable electric fence to discourage birds and raccoons from eating up the gorgeous fruit.

As for the Albariño grapes, we have a good crop again this year.  I was a little worried about some inclement weather during bloom, but it had little effect on fruit set.  We experienced a little shatter, but for the most part, the vineyard is carrying a full crop.  Based on past years’ yields, my early guess is that we will see at least 7 – 7 ½ ton at harvest (last year we harvested almost exactly 7 ton).

We will be hosting Picayune Cellars summer party again this year.  If last year is any indication, this will be a very fun event with fabulous food and Claire’s wonderful wines – including the 2018 Picayune Rusty Gate Farm Albariño.  Contact Claire or Carly at the Picayune tasting room in Calistoga (707.888.9885) for more information .  The date is August 10th.

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