Albariño Harvest

Finally!  After waiting for what seemed like forever, we harvested the grape crop last night.  Our excellent crew from Marcucci Farms was here at 8:00pm and worked all night until about 6:00 am, using headlamps for light.  As has become a tradition, I prepared hamburgers for the crew after the last vine was stripped, and a big flatbed arrived shortly thereafter to take the seven tons of fruit off to the winery.  Seeing the truck drive out through the gate loaded with 7 tons of our beautiful fruit gives a sense of completion to the year.  We can now take a vacation and then concentrate on winter chores.  This year it’s upgrading and computerizing our irrigation system.  2018 has been our most successful farming season to date.  (As a bonus, we didn’t have to net the vineyard for birds as we normally do.  This saves both time and cost.)  We will anxiously await the first taste of the resultant wine after it will be bottled next spring.

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